Location: Minnesota

I am a 25 year old happily married mother. I have two bio daughters ages two and five. I also have any where between 2-3 foster sons living with me at any given time. The guys are between 14 and 20. So needles to say I need something to keep myself centered. Last march I took a yoga class and around the same time I was finally able to teach my self to knit. Well the yoga was not as portable as the knitting so stuck to the knitting. Then last month I was at a LYS where I meet a lady who was using a spinning wheel a few weeks later I got my own now I am addicted to that as well.

Sunday, November 20, 2005

It was a long night. My daughter realized in the middle of the night that she was really losing her first baby tooth. She is not one that deals with changes easily so she went into a preempted mourning over the loss of her tooth. after much consoling I was able to get her off to bed. Then it was moms turn to cry. I get really emotional over these things too. Then today she actually lost it and she was soo excited. She is soo proud of her accomplishment that she is refusing to let the tooth fairy have it. She however talked me and my hubby into giving her the dollar that the tooth fairy would have given her in return I am allowed to keep it softly in her baby book.(I thought that was a good deal then a half hour later she came up to me and informed me she wanted her tooth back. Her reason for this and I quote "Magen got five dollars for her first tooth" Well with an argument like that who can refuse(Actually I would have refused but we are spending turkey day with my sister and her oldest son also got five dollars)
You may be wondering how this transforms into a slow crafting day. Well when you are five and you just lost your first tooth apparently you have a lots of energy to burns so I spent the day trying to help her burn it off. I also spent some time online trying to get the pictures to show up on this blog.
Maybe by tomorrow I will be able to get my scarf half done.

Saturday, November 19, 2005

First post a brief intro.

Hi my name is Destiny. I live in Minnesota. I have been crocheting sence I was 6, doing needle point of one kind or another for nearly as long. I also know how to knit and spin. I started knitting in the spring of 2004 and just started spinning in october.

Right now I am putting most of my energy in my knitting and spinning.To be honest mostly spinning. I just reseved my wheel as an early christmass gift from my husband.

My current projects are as follows

1 knitted illusions scarf

2 spinning for a knitting review yarn swap

3 carding wool. I went crazy, more like fiber mad and i bought three whole fleeses two of them I don't even know what they are the other one is a white babydoll(southdown)

4 a blanket for my youngest daughter(it's taking forever I decided to make it a queen sized or larger so she wont out grow it and I let her choose the colors. She wanted it knit out of red heart blue and orange teach me to ask a two year old lol

My daughter just returned from a play with her girl scout troop got to run