Location: Minnesota

I am a 25 year old happily married mother. I have two bio daughters ages two and five. I also have any where between 2-3 foster sons living with me at any given time. The guys are between 14 and 20. So needles to say I need something to keep myself centered. Last march I took a yoga class and around the same time I was finally able to teach my self to knit. Well the yoga was not as portable as the knitting so stuck to the knitting. Then last month I was at a LYS where I meet a lady who was using a spinning wheel a few weeks later I got my own now I am addicted to that as well.

Saturday, November 19, 2005

First post a brief intro.

Hi my name is Destiny. I live in Minnesota. I have been crocheting sence I was 6, doing needle point of one kind or another for nearly as long. I also know how to knit and spin. I started knitting in the spring of 2004 and just started spinning in october.

Right now I am putting most of my energy in my knitting and spinning.To be honest mostly spinning. I just reseved my wheel as an early christmass gift from my husband.

My current projects are as follows

1 knitted illusions scarf

2 spinning for a knitting review yarn swap

3 carding wool. I went crazy, more like fiber mad and i bought three whole fleeses two of them I don't even know what they are the other one is a white babydoll(southdown)

4 a blanket for my youngest daughter(it's taking forever I decided to make it a queen sized or larger so she wont out grow it and I let her choose the colors. She wanted it knit out of red heart blue and orange teach me to ask a two year old lol

My daughter just returned from a play with her girl scout troop got to run


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